List of TAFE Colleges in Queensland

The Queensland TAFE colleges of higher education has been at the forefront in providing vocational training over a wide range of areas. In recent years the TAFE Queensland sector has expanded to include many academic areas that students can follow before entering university.

In some cases the TAFE Queensland courses are recognised at the same level of the university courses so a student transferring to university gets credit for the studies they have completed at TAFE in Queensland. This can be a major advantage to the student because on the one hand it can be cheaper than studying at university and on the other hand it can be an excellent introduction to Australian higher education with smaller class sizes, schools, and responsive and dedicated teachers.

Click on the list to see what the Queensland TAFE institutions have to offer you.

  The Bremer Institute of TAFE  [Bremer]

  Central Queensland Institute of TAFE  [CQIT]

  Gold Coast Institute of TAFE  [GCIT]

  Mt. Isa Institute of TAFE  [MTISA]

  Southbank Institute of TAFE  [SOUTHBANK]

  Southern Queensland Institute of TAFE  [SQIT]

  Tropical North Institute of TAFE  [TNQIT]

  Wide Bay Institute of TAFE  [WIDE BAY]